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Logic the Art of Reasoning

Mathematics  the Art of Studying Patterns Using Logic

The Numbers

 The Basic Counting Numbers     formally called the natural numbers or the positive integers.
 The counting-in-place number   formally known as Zero.
 The counting-backward numbers or counting-down numbers  adding the negative integers, together we have the integers.
The Expanding Counting Numbers, that is, numbers for counting up and down or forward, backward and in place or sideways.
       Formally called the integers, these numbers consist of the natural numbers, zero and negative integers. They appear in discrete, fixed interval.
 The Measuring Numbers  adding the fractions, together we have the rational numbers.
 Estimating Numbers     adding the irrational numbers, together we have the real numbers.
 Spatial Numbers        adding the imaginary numbers, together we have the complex numbers.
  These numbers include all the previous number and then they add the imaginary numbers,
        which are the result of taking the square root of the negative numbers.
  The imaginary numbers exist in the plane. That is, an imaginary number does not lie on the number line 
        but rather in the two-dimensional space.
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The Numbers'  Tree

The Numbers' Tree

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The Numbers'  Venn Diagram

The Numbers'  Venn Diagram
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